50 Great Exercise Blogs That Will Get You Motivated

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If you’ve ever been super motivated to start a new exercise plan only to lose interest after a few weeks of sticking to the new routine you understand the difficulties associated with finding a workout plan that truly works for you. If you want to prevent that motivation loss from happening to you or just want to find the motivation to start exercising in the first place, then check out these blogs below. Whether you are interested in running, biking, climbing, or using your video game console to get you moving, you will find great advice from health and fitness professionals here.

Exercise and Fitness

If you just like a well-rounded approach to exercise and nutrition or can’t make up your mind where to focus your energies, these blogs are for you with their multi-approach to exercise and fitness.

  1. FitSugar. Women will find this blog about getting and staying fit an interesting read. Find reasons to exercise, good nutrition tips, and read about fit celebrities.
  2. Really Useful Fitness Blog. Find out tips for burning fat, working out for maximum effect, and more with this blog. Recent posts cover circuit training, almonds for weight loss, and the best way to lose stomach fat.
  3. Top 42 Exercise Hacks. These ideas from Zen Habits will get you moving and stay moving. Check out other posts at this blog that touch on topics such as ideas to start the exercise habit and how to get back into the exercise habit.
  4. Lift. This blog is an elite adventure magazine all about physical fitness for those who can enjoy the better things in life. The motivation in this blog is not only to get off the couch, but to enjoy the journey.
  5. Starling Fitness. Read about nutrition, biking to work, weight loss, staying motivated, and much more on this blog that can help you reach your personal fitness goals.
  6. Bill’s Training Blog. This blog brings insight to Bill’s attempts at fitness through various activities including walking, push-ups, and running (lots of running) while trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle of vegetarian eating and no alcohol.
  7. Bike About. With a title like this, you would expect to see this blog in the section below for cycling, but the posts here offer much more than just biking with thoughts on healthy eating, hiking, and more.
  8. Trying Fitness. This blog offers tons of suggestions for ways to get yourself moving in the name of fitness. Check out the fitness interviews with reputable fitness trainers.
  9. Cranky Fitness. Read about fitness, nutrition, and exercise with a humorous twist and lots of kitty pictures here. As they say, "because most health and fitness advice is too damn cheerful."
  10. The Great Fitness Experiment. This blog offers insightful explorations of such fitness topics as living up to your potential, body confidence, and running like a girl (it’s probably not as anti-feminist as you think).

Walking, Hiking, and Climbing

From Nordic walking to climbing to backpacking, these blogs will inspire you to get outside and tackle your next adventure.

  1. Walktopia. This blog’s topics range from air pollution’s impact on walking and breathing, walking news, community of walkers, and more. You will definitely want to add this blog to your reader.
  2. Walking Blog. From About.com, this blog offers plenty of information for walking fans. Find out about calorie burning, read about using a treadmill for indoor walking, and learn about potential cell phone bans for walkers.
  3. Happy Feet. Walkers need to keep their feet happy in order to keep on walking. This blog brings tips, suggests helpful products, and more to help you keep your feet healthy.
  4. Nordic Walking US. For those walkers who prefer to do their exercise with a pole, this blog is a keeper. Learn about the benefits of Nordic walking, find product information, and find beautiful walks you can take around the country.
  5. Nordic Walking News . Similar to the U.S. version, this blog brings a British perspective to Nordic walking. Find news tidbits, tips, and more here.
  6. Walking Prescott. Granny J Prescott walks and takes the time to smell the roses…and all the other flowers. This blog is inspirational for the nature lovers and walkers alike.
  7. Climb Arizona. If you love to climb, whether you live in Arizona or not, you will find inspiration and motivation in this blog to get yourself out for a climb. This blog seems to be inactive, but the climbs and gorgeous photos are still well worth reading about.
  8. Colorado Hiking, Climbing (& a little Running too). Get the blow-by-blow details of this cross-training outdoor exercise buff’s workouts. His high motivation is contagious and you may find yourself getting outdoors for some exercise too.
  9. What in the Blue Blazes?. This adventure hiking, backpacking, dog walking blogger offers great photos to go with his descriptions of various hikes he does.
  10. Hiker Dude’s Hiking Blog. Learn how to keep your backpack safe from bears, what cutlery to pack with you, and even find great blacktop backpack treks with this blog.


Whether you are training for a marathon or just like to jog around your neighborhood, these blogs offer plenty of motivation for you to put on your running shoes.

  1. Cool Running Viewpoint . This collaboration of posts keep runners informed about races, running news, and more. If running is your passion, this blog will be one to add to your list.
  2. The Complete Running Blog Network. Get news and videos in addition to helpful articles for running aficionados. This blog network is for runners of varying experience and fitness levels.
  3. Riding the Wind. This blog offers runs, statistics, and details of each specific run. For distance runners especially, this blog provides a high standard for which to shoot.
  4. Skyrunner.com. This blog breaks the mold of typical blogs, but offers plenty for running folks to enjoy nonetheless. Be sure to click on "Running & Rambling" for the list of articles.
  5. LaSportiva Mountain Running Blog. Read about mountain running races, the winners, and more. If mountain running is your thing, you don’t want to miss this blog.
  6. …miles to go before I sleep…. Trail runners will enjoy this blog that brings lively descriptions and photos of various runs. For a unique way to celebrate, check out the birthday night run.
  7. irunfar.com. This blog features gear reviews, race previews, runner and trail profiles, and various topics on ultrarunning. The eclectic yet entertaining new format of this blog is worth reading.
  8. See Mike Run. Anyone who runs in Banff must be in awesome shape. Read about Mike’s runs against the gorgeous scenery of Banff and enjoy the photos he includes as well.
  9. Cynical Mud Babe. Follow spunky Cynical Mud Babe as she chronicles her adventurous runs. The fun photos are worth a visit to this blog as well.
  10. Run Dude, Run!. Deanna Stoppler takes her readers along for her runs with her descriptions and beautiful photos. You can also enjoy the side trips she offers as well, such as reading about her dogs, job interview wardrobe woes, and more.


Anything on two wheels is represented in these blogs with writers sharing their experiences racing, commuting, and on trails.

  1. 417BikerGirl. Read about the adventures of this cycling and running fanatic on her blog. Read about races, racing, and Beer Thursday.
  2. Fat Cyclist. Follow Fatty (who is really not fat at all) as he writes about rides, posts a little satire now and again, and generally keeps cycling enthusiasts entertained. This inspirational blogger is also the father of four kids and husband to a phenomenal wife who is currently fighting metastatic breast cancer.
  3. EnduroSnob. EnduroSnob and Mrs. Snob will keep you entertained with this blog that focuses on endurance racing, products, and biking life in general.
  4. Lauren. Everyone knows moms are busy people, but check out this mom who also finds time to race cyclocross and mountain bikes. This blogger will surely help you find motivation when you see what she can accomplish.
  5. Dave Moulton’s Bike Blog. His subtitle says it all: " An ex-framebuilder’s personal thoughts on history, bike tech, bicycle culture, and life in general." Dave includes plenty of though-provoking posts and interesting bike history, too.
  6. bicycle diaries. While bicycling is featured here, this blogger also has a decidedly political bent to his posts. Read this blog to become motivated not only for cycling, but for making a change in the world as well.
  7. One Planet One Gear. This interesting blog offers two sides. Read through the archives for reports about races and rides as well as this cyclist’s thoughts about riding. Then, return to the current posts for an absolutely engaging journey through life documented with photos and their accompanying haiku.
  8. Cycling Lifestyle. Read about and enjoy the photos of this blogger’s experiences in various rides. The hardcore fun is contagious and will have you itching to get out and ride.
  9. Keep it Street Level. With 40 years of experience on a bike and a passion for single gears, this blogger writes about bikes, biking, and living. The gracious and sometimes nostalgic nature of this blog will have you smiling.
  10. MnBicycleCommuter. This blogger has committed to biking around Duluth, Minnesota year round. After six years of being car-free, this cyclist has plenty to share with his readers, including motivation for finding earth-friendly forms of transportation.

Video Games

If your idea of exercise starts by grabbing a controller, then these blogs will help you find your motivation.

  1. The DDR Diet and Exercise Blog. Follow this blogger while he uses the Dance Dance Revolution to exercise and lose weight. He posts the specifics of his exercise routine each time. Maybe you can join him and get motivated to move with DDR too.
  2. Dance Dance Revolution hits the high school gym class. This blog post tells how high schools are approaching the problem of childhood obesity by implementing DDR as part of the curriculum.
  3. Wii Weight Loss Plan. Follow this man’s progress as he uses a combination of Wii Fit and Wii Weight Loss Plan. He keeps a running list of his daily food intake through Twitter.
  4. Wii Fit Editors Diary. Not only can you track the progress of the editors at Game Spot as they use Wii Fit for shaping up, but they also post about their struggles with motivation and stories of success.
  5. The Official Wii Fit Experiment. Last year, this guy lost 9 lbs. using Wii Sport. This year, he’s going to give it a try with Wii Fit. Follow his progress over a five week period to see how he does.
  6. Wii Sports: the definitive verdict. This blog post offers a good description of each sport available on Wii Sports. Grab a quick game of golf and feel better about yourself.
  7. New fitness center targets teens with games. Read about this interesting concept of a fitness center designed specifically for teens ages 13-18 and includes fitness games as a large portion of the workout equipment.
  8. Wii Don’t Want to Go Outside. Here’s a completely different perspective on gaming and exercise. This blogger promotes the strange idea that children should drop the Wii Remote and go outside and play.
  9. Wii Sports Resort. Find out about this follow-up to Wii Sports in this blog post that includes some video sneak peaks. Looks like you can be jet skiing in your living room very soon.
  10. Using Technology for Fitness and Motivation. This blog is dedicated to Gamercize, a product that converts your video games to physical exercise. Discover the benefits not only of this product, but gaming as exercise as well.